The picture is of the sampling kit. Photo Provided.
The picture is of the sampling kit. Photo Provided.
WINONA LAKE – The Lilly Center recently co-hosted an invasive species webinar with the Starry Stonewort Collaborative.

David Carr, project manager at the collaborative, presented during the webinar.

“You guys play an important role, getting boots on the ground to see what’s going on out there,” said Carr, speaking to the 25 attendees, gathered virtually. “What we’re doing with organizations like the Lilly Center is the perfect model. We connect with them, and they connect you with the right resources,” Carr explained.

Carr explained invasive species prevention, early detection and intervention. He also explained how to survey and sample for invasive species, focusing on starry stonewort but mentioning several others. Citizen scientists are asked to do three “rake tosses” every two weeks from July to October, use an app to record the species picked up by the rake and send a sample of their finding to the collaborative if they are able.

Once the species data is put into the app, it is gathered and verified by the collaborative. Then, the data from that sampling location is put on a map for everyone in the region to see.

Lake associations are encouraged to contact the Lilly Center and borrow sampling kits for members to use. Each kit includes two rakes, rope and other necessary sampling items. Kits also include a step-by-step instruction manual that is easy to follow. Email Caitlin Yoder at to learn more.

For more information about the Lilly Center, visit or call 574-372-5100.