ETNA GREEN – Parking issues in front of the post office were brought up at the Etna Green Town Council meeting Tuesday.

Councilman Jason Hanes said he would like to change the existing parking ordinance to have 15-minute parking in front of the post office. He said every time he goes to get his mail, he has issues with parking. He also stated no new mailboxes can be put up in front of homes in Etna Green and all existing mailboxes were grandfathered in. Everyone else has to go to the post office to get their mail.

Council President Keith Claassen said he’d like to think about the issue further. Hanes said that was fine as it wasn’t his decision, it was a council decision, and a topic like that should probably be talked about.

Earlier in the meeting, Claassen brought up that Wastewater/Street Superintendent Barry Baker resigned effective May 5 as he accepted employment somewhere else.

Claassen said Baker is still living in the area and wants to be a consultant for the town. Town attorney Nick Jacobs was asked to create an agreement. Hanes asked to leave out the pay in the agreement for now until Hanes talks with Baker about what he’s expecting.

Also, the council was updated on the residential tax increment finance (TIF) district it is proposing to create adjacent to Heritage Park.

Alan Tio, CEO of Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation, said a request for proposals (RFP) is ready to go for potential developers. The RFP is a document that announces a project, describes it and solicits bids from qualified contractors to complete it.

Hanes said he’s still waiting to hear from the Department of Natural Resources about a grant for a proposed trail in town and he would like any proposal to have something in it to have a tie in to the potential trail system. Tio said that could happen.

Tio also said he would like to have someone from the Kosciusko County Redevelopment Commission be part of the review process of the RFP.

Later in the meeting, resident Aubrey Jones suggested the council record their meetings and possibly put them online.

Hanes said he liked that idea as it would allow everyone to be involved. He will look into it. Jones said she could talk to some people in Bourbon who may know about it.

In other business, the council:

• Heard from Clerk-Treasurer Patti Cook about a call she received Tuesday about a resident saying someone seems be setting off a canon in town.

Cook said the town does have a noise ordinance. Claassen said the state has firework laws. Hanes said what the resident is doing can’t be legal and he will meet with Kosciusko County Sheriff Jim Smith and will come back to the council with what he has to say.

• Approved to pay $500 toward flowers in downtown.

• Discussed what could be done with the opioid settlement Etna Green received. Cook said the town received less than $2,000. Fire Chief Kevin Smith II suggested it could be used on training. Hanes suggested a supply of Narcan.

• Agreed the town was willing to pay for the painting of the fire station. Kevin Smith II will have to bring to the council how much paint is needed and the cost.

• Heard from Kevin Smith II he’s seen grass from lawns on the street. He said for motorcyclists, that’s like having ice on the street. Hanes said he believe there is an ordinance regarding that, so it’s a matter of enforcement, which the town is short on now.

• Heard from Jacobs regarding a lawsuit to pursue civil action against the mother of two children who have vandalized various areas of town. He said he is still figuring out some of the financial issues with the suit, but he expects to have the lawsuit filed by the council’s next meeting.