CLAYPOOL - At Tuesday night’s meeting, Claypool Town Council members heard public comment on Town Marshal Ben Sanders’ patrolling in Leesburg and the pending contract with Leesburg regarding this situation.

Town residents voiced their concerns regarding the policing situation with Leesburg. A majority of those present had no problem with Sanders’ patrolling in Leesburg, but were concerned about compensation for Claypool.

Sanders, who works in Claypool but lives in Leesburg, completes Operation Pull Over (OPO) and other hours by patrolling outside his normal workload as town marshal. Sanders is paid by the state for OPO, but Leesburg is offering approximately $5,000 to Claypool as compensation for wear-and-tear on Sanders’s patrol car, fuel and insurance costs.

Council President Benny Stage explained that the contract is “not set in stone” and there will be negotiations with Leesburg. Council members scheduled an executive meeting for 6 p.m. on Aug. 3 to further discuss the contract with the town attorney and insurance representative.

In old business, the town will purchase a new $1,053 swing set for the park. Warsaw Community Church recently donated $1,000 toward park facilities; these funds will go toward the swings.

Sanders reported 188 reserve hours and 124 calls for service last month.

The utilities department is pursuing grant monies for additional water treatment facilities, including a third lagoon or stabilization pond and a possible smoke test for the town’s sewer system.

The council will next meet at 7 p.m. Aug. 17.