Brandon Allen
Brandon Allen
SIDNEY – Sidney has a full town council as they approved Brandon Allen rejoining them Friday.

The appointment came after Allen resigned from the position after serving about five months in 2020 due to health issues. He was the seventh person to resign in Sidney last year. Kosciusko County Democrat Party Chair Brian Smith had a minimum of 10 days and a maximum of 30 days to fill the seat, but wasn’t able to fill the vacancy within the timeframe. The task to fill the position then went to the council.

During Friday’s meeting, Council President Sharon Rancourt said she thought there was a misconception of how much work council members did.

Rancourt said in order to make sure people interested in the position knew what was included in the job, they were given a list of responsibilities council members do.

Some of responsibilities given to the candidates included having to possess basic computer skills and developing and managing budgets.

Councilman Gavin Parrett was in touch with Smith since both Jack Wolfe and Allen had been on the council previously and had shown interest in being on the council. Wolfe, who resigned in March, had withdrawn his candidacy for the vacant position. Parrett was told there was nothing that precluded either of them from the position.

During Friday’s meeting, before approving Allen’s reappointment to the board, the council heard from Allen and one other interested candidate, Eric Adams. Adams, who was not at the meeting due to health issues, provided a letter to Rancourt on why he wanted to be on the council.

The reason Adams stated he wanted to be on the board included other family members had at one point had helped “the town of Sidney out in many ways and now it’s my turn. It’s my goal to listen, talk and search for answers is only the beginning of my skillset.” Other skills Adams said he had was organizational skills, management skills, adaptability, critical thinking and time management.

During Allen’s time speaking before the council, he did bring up the fact he did resign last year due to health issues, but didn’t want to get all involved in everything that happened with those issues.

Other factors that happened during that time included some family issues, that have since resolved itself, as well as changing jobs.

“I care about this town. I care about my neighbors,” Allen said. He said he’s very active in helping his neighbors as much as he can.

Allen said he enjoyed being on the council and helping his community.

Parrett asked if Allen’s health situation had changed enough that he wouldn’t have to resign again.

Allen said now that he knows what was going on, he is able to figure something out if something were to occur.

During deliberations of who to appoint to the vacant position, Parrett said he knows Allen’s record and works well with him.

Rancourt said while she didn’t have experience working with Adams, she knew Allen always finished his work for the council and all members of the council had worked well together when he had been on it previously.