A Silver Lake couple took another step toward starting their home-based business  by getting approved for a variance and an exception for their property by the Kosciusko County Board of Zoning Appeals Tuesday.

Nicholas and Brittany Denny were granted a zoning exception for selling vegetables at their home at 605 S. Jefferson St. The exception also allows them to keep an existing 1,250-square-foot greenhouse, build a 1,400-square-foot greenhouse and keep a deer processing facility on the property.

The variance permits the existing greenhouse to remain 5 feet from the adjacent alley, and the new greenhouse to be on the line separating the property from the right of way.

The provisions do require approval from the Silver Lake Town Board.

David Anderson petitioned the board for a variance that would have permitted the construction of a residence addition within 5-1/2 feet of the water’s edge at 41 EMS B40F, Warsaw. The petition was denied.

Donald Mort asked for a variance permitting a residence to remain as built 6 feet from a sideline and allow two new decks to be constructed at 673 N. Center St. W, North Webster. That petition was continued to the Oct. 9 meeting.

Also continued was a request from Joel Wihebrink for an exception allowing the construction of an 80-foot by 160-foot commercial warehouse in a residential district at 3160 N. Stoneburner Road, Warsaw.

Matthew Klotz’s petition for an exception to change a variance by allowing two residences instead of a residence and construction office at 11888 N. Treasure Island Road, Cromwell, was also continued.

Petitions approved by the BZA were:

• Michael Dewitt’s exception to add a 30-foot by 40-foot addition to a residential accessory building of the same size at 5976 E. George St., Syracuse.

• Andrew and Missy Snyder’s variance permitting the construction of an attached garage 5 feet from the side property line at 2486 S. Southwood Drive, Warsaw.

• Carlos Rico’s exception allowing a change and alteration to a previous request regarding outside storage of materials and parking of equipment at 3694 N. CR 200W in Plain Township.

• John Cape’s variance allowing an enclosed porch to remain 10-1/2 feet from the north right of way and 12 feet from the south right of way at 41 EMS W16 Lane, North Webster.

• Josh Baughman’s variance allowing an existing foundation to remain as placed without a hearing or permit 8.7 feet from the south sideline at 401 S. Village St., Pierceton.

• James Kvidera’s variance permitting the construction of a car port 14 feet from the right of way at 60 EMS B60 Lane, Warsaw. Kvidera requested the variance be granted for 13 feet.

• Randall Ruppel’s exception to change a previous variance to allow a temporary shed to remain permanently on residential property in Wayne Township. The petition was approved for Ruppel only, and when the property sells the shed must be removed.

• Steven and Angel Moed’s variance permitting the construction of a second floor over a garage at 6573 N. First Trail, North Webster.

• Lawrence Wilder’s variance permitting an 8-foot by 12-foot shed to be placed 2 feet from the west property line at 8271 E. Wade Lane, North Webster.

• Mike and Kim Keleher’s variance permitting construction of a new residence 25 feet from the right of way and construction  of a detached garage across the street at 11524 N. Sunrise Drive, Syracuse. The couple had asked to build the home 20 feet from the right of way.

• Mark Deister’s exception to build an 8-foot by 8-foot shed on a residential tract without a residence on Hiawatha Lane in Turkey Creek Township. Deister withdrew a request for a variance that would have permitted him to build the shed within 5 feet of a property line.

• Robert Van Rosendale’s variance permitting the construction of a residence addition 16 feet from the water’s edge on a tract with two residences at 223 EMS T26 Lane, Leesburg. The variance was granted with no further extensions.

• Kathy Selby’s variance allowing three residence additions and a new pitched roof to be installed 7.1 from the right of way, 0.8 feet from the rear property line and 9 feet from the north property line at  26 EMS B54 Lane, Pierceton.