NORTH MANCHESTER – Manchester Junior-Senior High School opens its 2017-18 theater season with the John Steinbeck classic “Of Mice and Men.”

The play first opened on Broadway in November 1937 and has enjoyed numerous Broadway revivals.

The odd couple at its center, George, the feisty dreamer, and Lennie, the childlike Goliath, are planted in the country’s collective imagination, according to a news release from the high school. “Of Mice and Men” tells a simple story about dreams deferred and the necessity of friendship in pitiless times. Manchester’s production has emphasized the loneliness of the characters and what that loneliness can lead to.

Almost from the moment Steinbeck set these itinerant farmhands roaming through the Salinas Valley of California during the Depression, they took on the carved-in-stone stature of national symbols, of something that is us and bigger than us, the release states.

The sophomore class at MJSHS studies the book each year and the classes are involved in making visuals to be presented at the theater production.

Directors Marilyn Sexton Mason and Jennifer Reichenbach decided to present this show at The Firehouse Black Box Theatre. The small, intimate space lends itself to a show like this, according to the release. The set design is by Cheryl Working, technical design by Kelsy Presl, and Carmah Parr served as production assistant.

The cast includes: Benjamin Reichenbach (George), Hayden Metzger (Lennie), Kevin Funk (Candy), John Spangle (The Boss), Nathan Freeman (Slim), Beatrice Snavely (Curley’s wife), Isaac Cochran (Curley), Samuel Reichenbach (Carlson), Kennedy Watson Haynes (Crooks), Devin Marcum (Whit) and Lilly (the dog).

The production shows at 7 p.m. Friday, 7 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. Tickets may be purchased at the door. Adults are $10 and students are $5. Seating is limited. This show is not recommended for under high school age.