Kandi Jones wrote her first book, ‘August in Montana’, under her maiden name, Kandi Jaynes. Photo provided.
Kandi Jones wrote her first book, ‘August in Montana’, under her maiden name, Kandi Jaynes. Photo provided.
Ten years after she started writing it, Kandi Jones’ first romance novel is being published.
In an interview Monday afternoon, Jones said she started writing “August in Montana” about 10 years ago. She put it away for a few years, pulling it back out about three or four years ago.
She was involved in the Writer’s Club at Warsaw Community Public Library and wrote for years when she stayed home with the kids and needed a hobby.
After her interest in writing blossomed more from the Writer’s Club, she then took a class at Taylor University. She went back and polished up the book.
At Taylor University, the professor told the class not to give up or get discouraged because a book author may get 50 rejections before their work is accepted. Jones’ book was accepted on the second try. She was shocked.
Desert Breeze Publishing, an electronic publisher, will release the book May 15. Jones said people will be able to purchase it for about $5.99 from Amazon.com, Borders, Barnes & Noble and Desert Breeze’s website in five or six different formats.
Jones is going under her maiden name, Kandi Jaynes, as her pen name.
“August in Montana” is about a woman from Indiana who travels to Montana, Jones said. The woman, Jerrah Jacobs, is in her mid-30s, and lost her family in an accident and took off.
“She’s just traveling the country to be away from home,” Jones said.
In Montana, she ends up hurt and has to stay with a tall, dark and handsome man named Call.
“It’s pretty much your standard (romance novel),” Jones said.
“(There’s) a lot of humor” in the book, too, she said.
Asked if there will be a sequel, she said she didn’t have plans for a sequel so far. Her next book, she said, will be “different completely.”
This week, Jones will get the mock up for the cover art for her first book.
“They sent me an 11-page form to get as much as the author’s input as possible,” Jones said.
Jones will get to approve the cover art, or not.
Her book also was sent out for review this week.
Jones is a 1983 Warsaw Community High School graduate. She and her husband, Kent, have two children, who are 16 and 18 years old. Living in Warsaw, she works at Paragon Medical and Kent works at Biomet.
Jones has a Facebook fan page under Kandi Jaynes.