Pictured is the Warsaw band with their awards. Photo Provided.
Pictured is the Warsaw band with their awards. Photo Provided.
Fourteen weeks ago, a group of 80 students began learning music, drill and choreography for their first marching competition in nearly two years on the football field.

Students began memorizing music over the summer, learning to perfect the nuances of each musical statement and utilizing giant PVC props to convey emotion on the field. The band looks different this year in all-new uniforms. The size of the band increased by nearly 20 members in 2019. They look sharp, they sound fantastic, and their performance earned first place on Saturday at the Goshen Invitational, according to a news release from Warsaw Community Schools.

This year’s performance theme is “Beyond the Forest's Edge” and is a variation on Little Red Riding Hood. When the band and guard enter the field, spectators are struck by the visual appearance of the PVC trees that stand 15 feet tall. Junior Maggie Burkholder’s flute solo lures the students out of the forest into the open and then becomes startled by the brass and winds. The tempo quickly picks up and Red Riding Hood flutter across the field in and out of the trees to safety, stated the release.

The performance earned the band first place, and not only showcased the musicality of our students and the use of props on the field, but the physicality of the marching techniques stood out and earned special mention for general effects at this competition. The Warsaw band performed outstandingly this past weekend and they will continue to strive for higher marks next week when they compete at Concord High School on Saturday.

The Warsaw Band will be performing at upcoming invitations at Penn High School on Saturday and Plymouth High School on Oct. 2. Follow their progress on Instagram @WarsawBands, on Facebook @Warsaw Community High School Bands.