Pictured  is Grace St. Clair, lead education coordinator; and Julia Glogovsky, intern, at The Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams. Photo Provided.
Pictured is Grace St. Clair, lead education coordinator; and Julia Glogovsky, intern, at The Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams. Photo Provided.
Warsaw Area Career Center Intern: Julia Glogovsky

Parents: Terry and Jan Glogovsky

Employer: The Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams

Student’s Job Title: Aquarium Team Assistant

Supervisor: Grace St. Clair, Lead Education Coordinator

What are your job responsibilities: I help to create microscope slides from various lakes as well as identifying and counting blue-green algae on slide samples. I also help take care of the native fish and other aquatic animals in the aquarium lab. I clean the tanks, feed the fish, install tanks in the community and help with any other unique tasks that need to be done.

How has this position been helpful to you? It has given me so much experience in various areas of environmental science between microscopic algae, the care of native fish and setting up education lessons for kids and the community.

What have you learned? I have learned so much during my time at the Lilly  Center. I never knew how much work  went into taking care of the fish and other animals as well as all that they do to keep our lakes and streams healthy and to educate the public.

What Career Center classes have you taken in your pathway? Environmental Science, Zoology, Biology, Chemistry and an independent study for Oceanography.

Your Career and College Plans: A marine biologist. I plan to attend Florida Southern College in the fall.

Supervisor Input:

How is this job preparing this student for the future? This job prepares Julia for the future by growing her knowledge of fish anatomy, illness, algae research and aquarium maintenance for her future in marine biology. She is also learning different work skills including communication, independent and group work, lab work and flexibility.

What do you think of the WACC Work-Based Learning program? I think that the WACC work-based learning program is a very beneficial and useful tool for students looking to find a career. Not only does it give them real work experience it can also help them learn about different career paths they might be interested in. Working with college students I have seen a massive difference between students who have had other internships or jobs versus those that haven't. It is very important that students learn these skills so that they are truly prepared for life after school.  

Why were you willing to partner with the WACC in this program? I believe that WACC is a wonderful program geared to help students gain as much job and life experience as they can before graduation. We were willing to partner with WACC because it gave us a student that is passionate about aquatic life and frankly a great worker.  While we are helping students see the  importance of water and our local lakes and streams, we are also receiving students who are an essential part of what we do. We would not be able to do what we do without the hard work of WACC students and Grace College student workers.