Pictured are Lyle Schrock, CEO/founder of The Lab, and Macy Wayne, student intern from Warsaw Area Career Center). Photo Provided.
Pictured are Lyle Schrock, CEO/founder of The Lab, and Macy Wayne, student intern from Warsaw Area Career Center). Photo Provided.
Intern: Macy Wayne

Employer: The Lab

Student’s Job Title: Marketing/Social Media Intern

Supervisor:  Lyle Schrock, CEO/Founder

What are your job responsibilities: My job duties are to post on our social media accounts, and keep them updated. To create these posts, I gather content of the repair technicians fixing devices. I also do little jobs such as cleaning and taking out the trash to be helpful.

How has this position been helpful to you? This position has been helpful to me because I’ve become proficient on social media platforms that I used to not have much exposure to.

What have you learned? I have learned how to take the marketing lessons I’ve learned in the classroom, and apply them in a real world scenario. I’ve also learned how important marketing is, and especially for small businesses. It helps businesses to interact with their customers on a more personal level.

How is this job preparing you for the future? This job is preparing me for the future to know what to expect with marketing job duties. It has helped me to build a solid foundation on the fundamentals of marketing which will make it easier to expand my expertise when faced with bigger projects and duties.

What do you like about this job? I have liked that this job has given me the freedom to be creative, and to truly represent their brand, and the quality of their work.

What Career Center classes have you taken in your pathway? Intro to Business, Principles of Marketing, Principles of Business Management and Strategic Marketing

Your Career and College Plans: I plan to attend Indiana University to major in marketing, and possibly a minor in business management.

Supervisor Input:

How is this job preparing this student for the future? This is giving Macy real life experiences in the field she wants to pursue. This is also showing her some of the ins and outs of a small business. She is learning soft skills that are most important. Things like client interactions, workflow in slow and busy times, creative thinking with wording and content creation, design of repair stations and front desk, etc.

What do you think of the WACC Work-Based Learning program? I think it is a great program that allows students to get some hands on experiences with the specific fields they are thinking of going into. The interaction and support from WACC has been really good. I think it is important to get some real life experience before picking a career path and this program helps students get that.

Why were you willing to partner with the WACC in this program? I am a huge advocate in helping our youth prepare better for their future.  It was the people that gave me the opportunity to experience that helped me more than anything else in my career and life journey. Our youth is the future and the more we can help them prepare for real life the better our future will be.