Superior Court II

The following misdemeanors and infractions were recently admitted and adjudged in Kosciusko Superior Court II with Judge James Jarrette presiding.

The following people also paid $109.50 in court costs:

Speeding -

Fined $7 were: Cole R. Runkle, Akron; James P. Prennan, Warsaw; Sydney R. Ellis, Warsaw; Rose M. Wilcox, Warsaw; Patrick J. Cox, Warsaw; Shane A. Ashby, Mentone; Roy A. Hurley, Tippecanoe; Larry A. Correll, Rochester; Jessica M. Downing, North Webster; Melissa M. Long, North Manchester.

Fined $12 were: Calah N. Sweeny, Warsaw; Johnny L. Alderman, Nappanee; Suzanne Lamson, Warsaw; Gregory E. Cook, Leesburg; Angeles C. Tochimani, Pierceton; Shamra L. Bartrom, Warsaw; Trenton Smith, Warsaw; Chris W. Cummins, Warsaw; Kelly J. NIchols, Warsaw; Tina M. Simmons, Claypool; Javier Jasso, Warsaw; Antonio J. Alonzo, Warsaw; Branden M. Collins, Warsaw; David L. Dye, Warsaw; Julie C. Pifer, Warsaw; Donna D. Sommers, Rochester; Araseli C. Bustos, Warsaw; Lisa A. Patino, Warsaw; Christopher R. Dunford, Syracuse; Holly M. Hardesty, Syracuse; Jacklyn K. Slabaugh, Nappanee; Branden M. Collins, Warsaw; Robin D. Wenger, Nappanee; Sarah Crace, Warsaw; Ryan P. Schlotterback, Warsaw; Jeremy R. Embrt, North Webster; Tyrese L. Walker, Nappanee; Joann M. Buchan, Leesburg; Edward W. Crane, Warsaw.

Fined $27 were: Juan Ramirez, Warsaw; Nicol R. Sexton, Pierceton; Zachary L. Jones, Warsaw; Joe D. Burkholder, Nappanee; Heather L. Wallace, Bourbon; Justin R. Blackwood, Warsaw; Paul R. Long, Milford; Tara J. Petitt, Warsaw; Jeffrey J. Fitzgerald, Warsaw; Tyler A. Bruner, Mentone; Robert E. Bruce, Warsaw; Catherine M. Smith, Mentone; Leticia K. Clevenger, Syracuse; Jeremiah Lowe, Warsaw; Ryan Mericle, Pierceton; Martin C. Zamora, Warsaw; Christopher C. Troutner, Warsaw; Daniel D. Harper, Syracuse; Karl D. Campbell, Warsaw; Raymond J. Handel, Warsaw.

Expired Plate -

Fined $7 were: Sheryl C. Wills, Warsaw; Travis D. Swick, Warsaw; Virginia A. Winona Lake; Dale E. Roberts, Silver Lake; Francisca H. Spicher, Syracuse.

Expired Driver's License -

Fined $7 was: Chirstopher G. Hall, Pierceton.

Driving While Suspended -

Fined $25 was: Ted Schenkel, Warsaw;

Fined $50 was: Zachary M. Chambers, Winona Lake.

Improper Passing -

Fined $25 were: Jackie L. Smart, Syracuse; Brian H. Morgan, Syracuse.

Disregarding Flashing Signal -

Fined $7 was: Lauren W. Hawkins, Nappanee.

Disregarding a Stop Sign/Automatic Signal -

Fined $25 were: Kyle M. Lantz, Milford; Joseph D. Mort, Warsaw; Lindsay H. Cox, Claypool; Derek A. Blanchard, Syracuse; Barbara J. Zimmerman, Milford; Marc W. Roth, Warsaw.

Fined $50 were: Jonathan P. Hoppus, Warsaw; Salvador Becerra, Pierceton; Craig H. Mullins, Warsaw; Melissa E. Davidson, Leesburg.

Driving Without a License

Fined $7 were: Rosario R. Patino, Warsaw; Adam Garza, Syracuse; Fernando Juarez, Warsaw; Angeles C. Tochimani, Pierceton; Zekiel T. Dotson, Warsaw; Mitzie C. Henson, Warsaw; Kimberly M. Tucker, Syracuse; Jesus B. Silvestre, Warsaw; Rigoberto Mendoza, Warsaw; Scott A. Powers, Warsaw; Robert M. Clawson, Warsaw.

Driving Without A License In Possession

Fined $7 were: Javier Jasso, Warsaw; Daniel D. Young, Warsaw.

Driving Without Proof of Financial Responsibility -

Fined $50 were: Sunshine E. Kyler, Winona Lake; Jessica L. Schrock, Warsaw; Travis D. Swick, Warsaw.

False Registration -

Fined $7 was: Robert M. Clawson, Warsaw.

No Registration -

Fined $7 was: Libby K. German, Nappanee;

Failure to Stop For A Train Signal -

FIned $7 was: Rodney J. Bell, Syracuse;

Unsafe Start -

Fined $7 was: Anthony Hostetler, Leesburg;

The following person also paid $106 in court costs:

Illegal Possession of Tobacco -

• Jorden L. Coquillard, Syracuse, was fined $25.

The following people were assessed no court costs:

Violation Of Seat Belt Law -

Fined $20 were: Tina L. Davis, Pierceton; David A. Cole, Mentone; Michael A. Perzanowski, Syracuse; Susan M. Williams, North Webster; Lucinda A. Renier, Warsaw; Frank Hernandez, Syracuse; Beverly A. Miller, Akron; Jorge A. Diaz, Warsaw; Corrie L. Cowger, Nappanee; Cynthia A. Russell, Mentone; Jeremy R. Patrick, Warsaw; Jarred M. Dylworth, Warsaw; Whitney N. Robinson, Warsaw; Amanda S. Prater, Warsaw; William E. Woenker, Pierceton; Michael W. Prater, Leesburg; John F. Miller, Nappanee; Jeffery T. Himes, Warsaw; Cathy L. Raypholtz, Akron; Alice Slaybaugh, Rochester; Terrie Lytle, Warsaw; Sarah M. Howard, Warsaw; Michelle McKinley, Leesburg; Kyle T. Schang, Leesburg; Anthony J. Hostetler, Leesburg; John D. Gillespie, Milford; Sharon R. Barefoot, North Webster; Tracee J. Moore, Cromwell; Brian L. Strieby, Syracuse; Charles W. Dolbee, Warsaw; Angela K. Cox, Warsaw; Jeffrey D. Vanhouten, Warsaw; Garrett Baldridge, Warsaw; William J. Wolf, Warsaw; Dustin L. Swartzlander, Cromwell.

Charges were dismissed against the following people:

• Jeri L. Burks, Warsaw, driving while suspended.

• Ryan Slone, Winona Lake, driving while suspended.

• Kathryn M. Wolferman, Leesburg, driving while suspended.

• Joshua M. Bloom, Warsaw, seat belt violation.