Dr. Chelsea Wolf
Dr. Chelsea Wolf
NORTH WEBSTER - The North Webster Community Center is getting a tenant this fall that will be unique to the town and much needed for many of its residents.

Before awards were handed out at the NWCC VeteRUN and Walk Memorial Day 5K this morning, NWCC Executive Director Emily Worrell announced, “Our Center, as you know, has been in the process of rebuilding and restructuring. And the best part of this weekend, besides having some really cool community events, is having the opportunity to make the announcement that North Webster is getting a full-time doctor.”

She said Goshen Physicians Dr. Chelsea Wolf will have her office in the Community Center.

“We will have a full doctor’s office in the Community Center,” Worrell said.

Wolf was at the VeteRUN with her husband, Morgan, who ran the 5K, and their chocolate lab Zeus.

She said she is a general practitioner (family practice) and will start at the NWCC sometime this fall.

“I’m starting with Goshens Physicians Aug. 1. I’m not sure if this office will be up and running then - I may be in Syracuse for a little while - but I’ll be down here some time this fall once (construction) is finished,” she said.

The office will have regular business hours, at least Monday through Thursday, Wolf said.

She will be taking new patients, from newborn to the elderly.

Originally from Iowa, Wolf said she is from a small town similar to North Webster.

“I’ve always been really passionate about rural medicine, rural communities,” she said. “I went to medical school in Tennessee and I did my residency in Fort Wayne. I’m graduating from residency at the end of the month and this will be my first job out.”

Wolf is excited about being the first and only full-time doctor in the North Webster community.

“I’m happy to bring health care in an area that really needs it,” she said.

Worrell said they weren’t set on a firm date of when the office was opening.

“The goal is August that Goshen Health is in. They’ll be taking about 1,100 square feet out of what was the old library portion, so they will have a full operating doctor’s office by fall, by the start of school, next year,” Worrell stated.

She said North Webster does not have a “true” doctor’s office, though there is a nurse practitioner’s office.

“This is a huge step for our community to have full-time care in our town,” Worrell said.

As to how it came about, she said, “They were looking and we have been restructuring and looking for ways - you know the goal for the Community Center is to be sustainable off of its lease spaces so that we can offer low cost to free programming for our community with our other fundraising efforts. And partnering with Goshen Health and having them come in is just that first fantastic step to making our community what it needs to be today.”

Worrell said they’re hoping that when Goshen Health is finished with construction that the Community Center will have a grand opening for them and everything else ready to go.

“I do hear that it’s going to be a good step for the Wawasee School community. Their insurance is Direct Care, which is through Goshen Health, so this offers another facility for that insurance carrier, which is fantastic for those employees. I know that there are several other companies in this end of Kosciusko County that it really benefits having them here. So once everybody gets in and we know final dates and that kind of thing, we’ll have a giant grand opening and make sure that’s all publicized and ready to go,” she said.

“It’s awesome! We’re so excited to have them in and partner with us and be a part of our community. Dr. Wolf has moved into the community and wants to be a part of what we’re doing, which is exactly what our mission is - bringing wellness to our community and being engaged and together, so we’re excited,” Worrell said.