WINONA LAKE – Grace Brethren Investment Foundation Inc., headquartered in Winona Lake, has officially changed its name to Grace Financial. The new name and supporting brand were launched Friday. By simplifying its name, the organization is working to align its history and vision more closely for the future.

 “Moving forward as Grace Financial creates an opportunity for our team to grow and adapt based on the needs of our constituency and churches,” said Grace Financial president and CEO, Ryan Bowell. “We look forward to serving churches, schools, and other organizations affiliated with the Charis Fellowship, and hope to build on the investments and loans we’re able to provide so they can further strengthen their Christ-centered efforts.”

“The service, support, and integrity that customers have come to expect will not be changing,” said Bowell. “Grace Financial’s brand refresh will better align with what it offers today and open the door wider to what may be available in the future.”

Grace Financial’s long-standing presence in Winona Lake has served to strengthen connections with the community and other local Fellowship organizations such as Grace College & Theological Seminary and Grace Village Retirement Community. It is also a member of the Kosciusko County Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, Grace Financial invests its earnings back into the Fellowship through contributions to church planting and leadership development which have benefitted several area ministries.