HUNTINGTON – Bowen Health Clinic in Huntington is partnering with Genoa Healthcare to expand services for its patients to include an on-site pharmacy. Genoa Healthcare is the largest provider of behavioral health pharmacy and medication management services for individuals with complex, chronic health conditions in the United States. The new pharmacy is accessible in the lobby of Bowen Health Clinic in Huntington which opened in March inside Bowen Center.

 The pharmacy serves Bowen Center and Bowen Health Clinic patients and can fill any medication. For added convenience, patients can transfer their prescriptions from other pharmacies to the Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy. “We offer free delivery and daily dose packs that help patients make sure they are taking the right medication at the right time,” said Courtney Smith, Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy manager. “And in the fall, we will begin offering flu shots and other routine vaccinations for patients.”

 Bowen Health Clinic is co-located in Bowen Center’s mental health outpatient office in Huntington offering an integrated approach to healthcare for infants, children, adolescents and adults. By integrating mental and physical healthcare and now Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy services under one roof, the center’s goal is to reach underserved populations to improve their quality of life and extend their life expectancy by treating the whole person.  

“We are so happy to be able to offer convenient, high quality, and affordable pharmacy services to all our patients,” said Shelly Snyder, Bowen Center Huntington director. “Having Bowen Center, Bowen Health Clinic and Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy under one roof in Huntington ensures patients have the best access to individualized healthcare possible to help meet their needs and live their best life.”

Bowen Center’s move to integrated care is aimed to address the unique healthcare challenges underserved populations face. “It’s a fact that people living in poverty and especially those with mental illness live shorter lives,”  said Dr. Rob Ryan, Bowen Center president and CEO. “But by improved access to income-based care, provided in a setting where multidisciplinary teams work together for the good of the patient, we are improving and extending the lives of our patients. We just added pharmacy services and we will soon add dental and optometry, as well.”  

Bowen Center, Bowen Health Clinic and Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy in Huntington are located at 2860 Northpark Ave. Pharmacy hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 5 p.m.