Kosciusko Soil and Water Conservation District annually holds a Spring live fish sale. The fish sale will take place May 19.

Last date to order is May 16; forms are available now. If you would like to participate in this live fish sale contact the Kosciusko SWCD at 574-267-7445 Ext. 3 and request an order form or be put on a list to receive one next fall.

Available species are Bluegill, Hybrid Bluegill, Redear Sunfish, Channel Catfish, Triploid Grass Carp, and for your backyard pond lovers Japanese Koi. You may also purchase Fathead Minnows, Jumbo Tadpoles and Water Lilies.

It is well known that when a new pond is properly stocked, the fish grow very fast and reach larger-than-average size in a very short time. This is because there are relatively few fish with plenty to eat. This great fishing condition is easy to reach but much more difficult to maintain for most pond owners.

To avoid bluegill over population the bass harvest should be managed; then the bass will manage the small bluegills.

Small bass between six and twelve inches long are the ones which eat many small bluegills. Bass of this size must be protected to maintain a good bluegill fishery. It is also necessary to protect a fair number of twelve to sixteen inch bass, as they are the ones that produce more bass each year. By only keeping bass over fourteen inches long, you can assure a good number of predators to control bluegills and good reproduction of bass.

Bass are offered only in the fall fish sale.