10 Years

Before heading out to spring break Friday, March 31, Lakeview Middle School students celebrated their fundraising efforts for Mississippi hurricane victims. If the school raised $500, several male faculty members said they would wear skirts to the pep session. If the school raised $750, teacher Dan Wray said he would have his hair completely shaved off. By Friday afternoon, the school collected $1,000. Chad Gabrich, Dennis Hershberger, Chad Hoffert, Wray and Hal Gunter all wore skirts as promised. After a basketball game between the faculty women and female students, local barber John Conley shaved Wray's hair. This will be Wray's third trip to help with relief efforts from Hurricane's Katrina and Rita.

25 Years

Warsaw Lady Tigers Dana Creighton and Liza Reed are on the Indiana All-Star team that will battle the Kentucky All-Stars June 15 in Indianapolis and June 22 in Louisville.

    Dana, daughter of Bob and Marjorie Creighton, will attend Indiana University on a basketball scholarship. She led the Lady Tigers to an 86-8 record in her 4-year career; four sectionals, four Tiger Tourney titles, two regionals, one semistate, one Hall of Fame Tourney title, four straight NLC titles, and never lost a home conference game. She also was a star volleyball player, winning their first sectional this season.

50 Years

Kenneth Parks, Washington Elementary School custodian, fashioned a horse for the kindergarten pupils of Mrs. Frank (Betty) Sanders. He fashioned the horse from a wood frame and molded pounds and pounds of newspaper and paper mache. The youngsters worked diligently for weeks and named him "Spotty." Larry Phillips, Chanda Kline, Anita Folk, Jonathan Potter, Maria Given, Anne Bradway and Kelly Tarpey.

    Matthew Kelty, 13, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kelty, Route 3, Warsaw, won the Junior High spelling contest. Runner-up is James Sloan. Winning word was "leprechaun."

    YMCA swim team at the girls invitational swim meet in Fort Wayne: 1st place, 40-yard free style, Anita Lowe, followed by  Sara Clemens and Nancy Bannon; 1st in the 100-yard free style, Anita Lowe, followed by Sara Clemens. Clemens also placed second in the 100-yard backstroke.

75 Years

Civil War veteran I.W. Sharp, of 910 East Fort Wayne Street, celebrated his 93rd birthday anniversary Sunday, March 9. Mr. Sharp, one of the county's oldest surviving veterans, has resided in Warsaw since the year 1887. He taught school in this city for 25 years.

   Gordon Tuttle, 25, of near Warsaw, reported to the sheriff's office late Thursday night, March 6, that his car struck a horse on a road near the John Wright farm, seven miles northeast of Warsaw. Tuttle said he did not see the horse. The side of the automobile was badly damaged, but no one was hurt.