10 Years
"Heart of Gold" recipients Tuesday, March 28, at Center Lake Pavilion: Janet Price, Robin Rovenstine, Robert "Coach" Lichtenwalter, Jessica Burkett, Dr. Anita Kishan, Delores Hearn, Marion Gilbert, Allan Ross, Lois VanOsdol and Mary Ann Cox. Speaker was Dr. Ronald Manahan, Grace College president.

    Kosciusko Community Hospital announced Michael L. Mullins, chief executive officer, ended his service at KCH to begin working for Gateway Medical Center in Clarksville, Tenn. He implemented many outstanding improvements to help KCH earn the "2002 Hospital of the Year-Silver Award."

25 Years

There will be 3,000 eggs hidden on the courthouse lawn Saturday, March 30, for area children to hunt. The Warsaw Business Association sponsors the annual event. Patricia Teeple, Creative Floral Designs, is chairman this year. Children with the Easter Bunny (from Celebrations) are Brittany, Courtney and Zachary Coffman, Stephanie and Danielle Watkins, and Brittany Remington.

   Tippecanoe Valley High School winter sports awards: boys basketball-Joel Harman, Eric Thompson, Kim Lee, Chris DuBois, Joel Stokes, Thad Leininger, Scott Warstler. Wrestling-Tim Sleeth, Jeff Ellenwood, Eric Secrist, Roger Runyon, Ed Haines. Boys swimming-Kris Miller, Chris Tucker, Uriah Graham. Cheerleading-Heather England, Leann Gaerte, Mariah Weaver, Heather Foor.

50 Years

Susan Petersburg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Petersburg, East Clark Street, Warsaw, emerged victorious in the Lincoln School spelling contest. Last year's winner was Bob Girard. Other finalists: Carole Steele, Dennis Kinsey, James Thompson, Linda Greenman and Lance Grubbs.

    Tom Helminger, Rt. 1, Warsaw, has been a member of the Dalton Team for only 7 months, but holds the important job of Coremaker (Harrison 400 core machine). He and his wife, Barbara, have a 10-month-old son, Jimmy.

    Silver Lake and Claypool firemen waged a losing battle to halt a blaze that destroyed the vacant Silver Lake Locker Plant Sunday night, March 13. Fire gutted the inside Feb. 22. Owners of the building are Roy Bouse, Maurice Reed and Delbert Kerlin.

75 Years

Warsawans who happened to be out-of-doors from 1:30 to 3 o'clock Saturday morning, March 1, witnessed an unusual display of the northern lights. The spectacle lasted for some time.

    Mrs. Frank McKrill, who lives at the corner of Maple Avenue and East Market Street, has come to the conclusion that she "just can't smoke meat in town." Two years ago, she utilized a small woodshed on the back of their lot to smoke meat in. It worked fine; smoke poured out of the woodshed; the milkman turned in a fire alarm. She tried again this week; smoke poured out, and someone turned in a fire alarm.