10 Years
Times-Union 2005-2006 All-Area Team: Shaun Cabrera and Colin Clemens, Warsaw; Michael Conrad, Andrew Mock and Joe Leach, Wawasee; Daniel Bourne, Manchester; Jake Everett and Troy McIntyre, Triton; Shane Drudge, Chad Hoffer and David Lash, Tippecanoe Valley; Brad Smith, Whitko.
    Winona Lake Greenway Art Commission: Rob Gast, Brent Wilcoxson, Jennifer Ortega, Polly Minear, Nicole Moore and clerk-treasurer Retha Hicks. Council member Joy Lohse is assigned as liaison. The newly assigned group will address and monitor projects along the trail.

25 Years
Winners of First Dollar Certificates, Warsaw: Larry Kennedy, The Paper Place, South Buffalo Street; Lois Kunce, Micro Services Inc., located with Bodkin Abstract on West Main Street; Sherry Boetcker, Treasures Mini Mall, Old Post Office Square on Lake Street.
    As his Eagle Scout project, Brandon Wilhite, Boy Scout Troop 715, is raising funds to purchase trees for planting at athletic fields around Warsaw.
    Susan Teague, a former Warsaw resident now living in Phoenix, Ariz., has accepted the position of director for the Historical Society Jail Museum. She spent nine years as tour guide and operator in Arizona. In Warsaw, she worked at Zimmer and also operated a small ceramic studio in town.

50 Years
With the start of the second semester, a new program will be added to the Business Curriculum of the Warsaw Community High School--data processing. The school already has a Key Punch, Reproducing Punch, Calculating Punch and Accounting Machine. William M. Dalton, of Dalton Foundries, spearheaded the initiative in interesting industry to help underwrite this important program. Beginning next week, 80 students already enrolled in office machines will be given a general knowledge of punched card accounting and data processing. Plans are being completed to use this equipment in the administrative work of the school, planned to be in operation by the fall of 1966.

75 Years
Harry Nye Jr. and Edward Lucas, employed in the offices of City Surveyor Donald Lessig, assert that Kosciusko County has "the largest oak tree in the world."  The burr oak found on the Hiram Berkey farm, located five miles northwest of Warsaw, is 124-1/2 feet high, 61 feet from the ground to the first limb. Four feet up the trunk from the base, the circumference is 23 feet eight inches, and the diameter is seven and one-half feet. Nye and Lucas were coaxed into measuring the Berkey oak after reading the United Press clipping in the Times & Union paper that the "Hooker Oak" in Chico, Calif. was the largest oak in the world at 96 feet high, and Maryland's entry, located at Wye Mills, was 95 feet tall. "Kosciusko County has its mighty oak that grew from a tiny acorn."