10 Years
Cassandra Dehning, 13, daughter of K.C. and Terri, Winona Lake, served as a page for Senator Ryan Mishler Feb. 2. On Feb. 9, Erica Ridderman, 15, daughter of Rich and Karen, Warsaw, and Sena B. Muta, 15, daughter of Harry and Abbe Muta, Winona Lake, were pages for Senator Johnny Nugent.
    Abby Bickel, Rachel and Andrea Rondeau were named to Indiana Wesleyan University's Dean's List for the fall semester of the 2005-06 academic year. Audrey Beeson, daughter of Steve and Martha, Winona Lake, earned the recognition of being on the Dean's List at Taylor University, Upland.

25 Years
Today's edition of The Times-Union, Thursday, Feb. 14, is printed on recycled newsprint manufactured at a mill in Thorold, Ontario, Canada. The mill blends approximately 50 percent virgin wood fibers with recycled newsprint to make the product. The newspaper is also using soy inks, which have recently been introduced in the printing business. Soybean oil is the principal product in the new inks. Use of these inks will help reduce reliance on foreign oil, the major component in petroleum-based printing inks.
    Barbara Fahl, Ginger Holloway, manager and assistant manager at Ankersen's, and Betty Nyenhuis, Christian Women's Club of Warsaw, are getting ready for the style show at 2517 on Monday, Feb. 18.

50 Years
North Webster Jaycee awards: Thomas Warner Sr., Outstanding Citizen of the Year; Douglas Bowser, Jaycee of the Year; Rev. Charles Johnson, pastor of the North Webster Methodist Church, Distinguished Citizen Award. Chairman of the event was Jon Sroufe; Ray Peterman is president of the organization.
    Richard Biggeman, 18, is an exchange student at Warsaw Senior High School from Concepcion, Chile, and is staying with Mr. and Mrs. John Kelley. His brother, Walter, is an exchange student at Mount Pleasant, Mich., and came to visit last weekend. The Kelleys took them to the Junior Achievement Trade Fair at the Shrine Building. Mr. Kelley is treasurer of the JA Board of Directors.

75 Years
Each of the 14 high schools in Kosciusko County who participated in the county basketball tournament ten days ago received $155.48 plus traveling expenses. Total receipts for the event amounted to $2,519.36 and disbursements totaled $342.64. During the five sessions, a total of $80 was derived from the sale of concession rights. Total receipts for 1941 failed to reach the high mark set in 1938 and 1939.
    Jimmy Brock, of Milford, has entered the Golden Gloves fights at Fort Wayne in the middleweight class. Preliminaries open on Monday night, Jan. 27. Semi-finals will be held at the North Side gym on February 4, and the finals are staged February 11.