10 Years

Roger Long, Warsaw's building inspector, was elected to serve on the Mentone Town Board Monday night, Jan. 23, replacing Mark Hughes, who resigned at the end of December. Other board members are Jack Simpson and Tim Croy.

    An open house was held Tuesday, Jan. 24, for Beyer Medical Building, 1205 Provident Dr. The building was named for the original owners of the land on which Kosciusko Community Hospital and surrounding medical buildings were built. Fred and Yvonne Beyer, original landowners of Beyer Farms, attended the ceremonies.

25 Years

1991 Executive Committee for United Way: Kevin Zachary, president; Jim Evans, vice president; Sally White, secretary; Chuck Neimier, treasurer; John Daffara, chairman of the board; Don Fosby, John Hand and Pat Oppenheim, members at large.

    New officers for the Kosciusko County Council: Lewis Bertsch, president; Larry Teghtmeyer, vice president. County commissioner president is Eddie Creighton and vice president is Maurice Beer.

    The administration of Grace College has accepted Lisa Hostetler, daughter of Loren and Rene Hostetler, Winona Lake, for admission for academic year beginning Fall 1991.

50 Years

Claypool High School's trumpet trio, composed of Judy Zolman, Joann Merkle and Connie Yant, got the tournament underway each evening with their rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner."

    North Webster High School cheerleaders were named winner of the McKown Cheerleader Award during half-time ceremonies of the county tourney Saturday, Jan. 8.  Fred McKown Jr. presents the award to Claudia Shipley, Sherry Rider, Marsha Bockman and Cindy Haines.

    Warsaw's Richard Coolman, vice president of Lake City Bank, was listed among the 10 business and professional men selected in the Hoosier Fashion Parade for 1965.

 75 Years

 Lois Ann Garber, 11, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Garber, found a dandelion in full bloom last Tuesday, Jan. 7, near a shed at the rear of her home at 515 North Park Avenue. A blooming dandelion in January is a rarity around these parts.

    Mayor John Hansman announced that the banquet for the departing Company L, Warsaw's National Guard unit, has been set for 6 o'clock January 20 in the Warsaw Moose lodge hall. At 7 o'clock, the Guard company will march from the lodge to the armory, where the Warsaw High School band will deliver a concert.

    Mrs. Nick (Martha) Mallers and week-old daughter Katherine Louise (nicknamed Kathy Lou) were removed to their home at 106 North Park Avenue from the Murphy Hospital on Thursday, Jan. 9.