10 Years
Toby Lamp, Troop 730, received his Eagle Scout badge Dec. 13. For his community service project, he organized a troop clean-up of the vandalized Pleasant Grove Cemetery, as well as replacing many military markers. Toby is the son of Larry and Phyllis Lamp, Leesburg. Scoutmaster is Bill Curl.

    Since 1978, there have been 67 Scouts of Troop 715 to receive the Eagle Scout honor. The newest recipients Dec. 18 were Steven Hodges, Eric Hoover and Ray Pfahl III. Scoutmaster Dick McCleary introduced the Eagle Scout Honor Guard: Rick McCleary, Kevin Hoover and Preston Moudy. The new Eagle Scouts presented their parents with an Eagle Scout pin, thanking them for their years of encouragement.

 25 Years

In March 1990, Bob Kesler went to a craft store to get some art supplies for his granddaughter. "I became intrigued with painting and the relaxation it could provide, so I picked up some supplies for myself, went home and painted my first watercolor." Since then, he has produced more than 75 paintings, mostly in the wildlife category. "I have a deep interest in wildlife and conservation." Kesler was born in Talma, and his family lived in Rochester before moving to Warsaw. In later years, he helped Explorer Van become one of the largest van conversion companies in America, being named "Small Business Person of the Year" in 1964. "My father was the nicest man I ever knew; many of the values I embrace today are based on his words and behavior."

50 Years
Kosciusko County Civil Defense Director Milo Clase, along with William (Bill) Mollenhour of The Times-Union and county sanitarian Loren Pound, draws a sample of water stored in a CD container at The Times-Union for 2-1/2 years. The water was tested at Murphy Medical Center and found to be safe for drinking. Clase pointed out that water is not to be stored in fallout shelters as nuclear experts say that the Warsaw area would have from four to six hours to prepare for an emergency. A person in every designated fallout shelter area should be appointed to fill the stored water tanks in the event of an emergency.

75 Years

Anthony Mathia, owner of Warsaw's Unique bake shop, has purchased the Breading Cigar Store building location from heirs of the estate of the late Bramwell Williams. Purchase price was $8,000.

    Harold (Sam) Holbrook has purchased the truck and tools at the Bibler plumbing concern, it was announced Friday, Jan. 3. Virgil Bibler will continue to supervise the work and furnish the materials, with Holbrook being in charge of the labor. Robert (Link) Hay accepted a position with the firm this week.

    A house-warming was held at the new Litchfield Creamery plant in East Warsaw Friday evening, Jan. 3. Employees and construction workers for the Hodges concern, along with their wives, were entertained. Refreshments were served.