10 Years
Warsaw students inducted into the National Adult Education Honor Society Tuesday night, Jan. 10: Amina Abedalla, Claudia Galindo, Cody Herron, Alan Hoffer, Candace LeCount, Jose Loyola, Maritza Medina, Ruben and Edith Meza, Cherish Morrissette, Natividad Ochoa, Guadalupe Paredes, Jose Pedraza, Douglas Plante, Edith Ramos, Maria Sanchez, Latisha Stamps, Jack Wolfe and Rebeca Wong. It is the first group of inductees ever for WAE, which covers all of Kosciusko County and saw 406 students attend school last year.

     Milford Town Council members elected for 2006: president Doug Ruch, Gary Hurd and Robert Cockburn.

 25 Years

The Bremen Lions became the 12th team to be steamrolled by the Warsaw freshman boys basketball team this season as the Tigers defeated them 37-16 Tuesday night, Jan. 8. Stu Neiswonger led the Tigers with 10 points, eight of which were scored in the third quarter.

    Top bowlers at Holiday Bowl for December:  series--Jan Godshalk, 598; John Nichols, 767; games--Terry Wright, 289; Joyce Neer, 223. Top Gilliam bowlers for December: series--Jeannine Cavell, 658; Brian Ammerman, 775; John Nichols, 300; Chris Curl, 278.

    Warsaw FFA attended the Indiana FFA winter leadership camp Dec. 7 through 9 near Trafalger: Jake Tusing, Andy Hart, Scott Hanes and Chris Seibold. Members were split into groups to compete with other groups for various awards.

50 Years

Almost 2,000 passenger auto license plates were sold by closing time Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 4, at the Warsaw branch of the Auto License Bureau, according to Mrs. Nell Reed, manager. Yesterday, the first day, 580 were sold. Mrs. Max Ganshorn, manager of the Syracuse branch, reports that 960 were sold by Tuesday evening. Deadline date for the sale of licenses is Feb. 28, 1966.

    Members of the Methods and Materials Class in Christian Education at Grace Theological Seminary who will be taking part in the Christian Education workshop Saturday, Jan. 8, include Mr. and Mrs. Dayton Cundiff, Evelyn Tschetter, Carol Ford, David L. Doty, Stanley Jensen and Professor Paul R. Fink. Registration fee is $3.

75 Years

Attorney George Bowser was presented the gavel by retiring president Herbert Espich, of Warsaw, at the Kiwanis Club meeting Thursday noon, Jan. 2, at the Hotel Hays. Other officers installed: Postmaster Roy E.K. Bowen, vice president to succeed Attorney Bowser; Elmer B. Funk, treasurer, his second consecutive term; and three directors, Paul Bilby, Vance Denney and Carl Zimmer.

    County Treasurer George Lambert issued a call for all 1940 intangible stamps which are unused, which must be presented to him by January 10 for redemption. The 1940 stamps may be exchanged for 1941 stamps up until January 20. Persons having intangibles which do not carry 1940 intangible stamps are liable to a penalty of $1 per hundred.