Have you cried lately?

Watching the news is disturbing. Synagogues, concerts, theaters and churches are riddled with bullets by heinous criminals who have no care for life. A young man grabs a child and throws him 40 feet below in the largest mall in America. He just wanted to kill someone. Thank God the little boy is doing better than anyone hoped.

We live in sin-sick world that is bent on destruction. People are divided and we don’t listen to one another any more. We’re too engrossed with that little screen in our hands and the buds in our ears to care.

Our nation continues to push God away every chance it gets. Church attendance is lagging. Sins and behavior once underground are now part of the mainstream. America is in trouble spiritually and will not survive without the Judeo-Christian foundation that sustained us for many years.

There are many reasons we should have tears. On this 2019 National Day of Prayer, today, we are not having a patriotic rally, we are bowing our hearts before our Creator and humbly asking Him to forgive us of our sins, both personally and nationally. The theme for this year is “Love one another, just as I have loved you.” - John 13:34. Love those who are hurting. Speak the truth in love to those engrossed in this world. Love our fellow believers showing Unity in Christ.

Take a moment after you read this and pray for our nation. Pray for another Great Awakening in this land, that righteousness will exhalt our nation. When you start praying don’t be surprised if tears begin to flow. Hopefully they will clear our eyes to see how desperately we need our Heavenly Father, and His Son who said, “Love One Another.”