We learned in recent days

that life is so precious. Each

time a young

life is taken

from us, it

reminds of of

the gift the

Creator has

given us. We

pray for the

family and

friends of

Gidieon, an 8-year-old boy who

was heading home from school

and struck by a car. The Bible

reminds us that life is short in

the book of James where it

says, “you are mist that is here

for awhile and then vanishes.”

Hundreds gathered to remember

Gidieon at the school and

to be reminded we are on this

globe but for a moment. It was

also a reminder that as

Followers Of Christ we should

be the champions of life. One

way that has been expressed is

the community coming together

to place a Baby Boxes in

Warsaw and Syracuse and to

promote them. Instead of having

an abortion a parent can

place their child in one of these

boxes if they feel they can’t care

for it. Pastor John B Lowe II

challenged his flock to give to

this venture in honor of

Gidieon. John is also the

President of the Greater

Warsaw Ministerial

Association (I am the Director)

and we challenge the community

to respond as well. You

can send a donation to GWMA,

P.O. Box 1797, Warsaw, IN

46581. Put “Baby Box” in the

memo line. Right to Life of

North Central Indiana is overseeing

this project. We honor

Gidieon, who is in the hands of

His Savior, Jesus Christ. We

stand for every life striving to

save them from the scourge of

abortion or abandonment. We

Choose Life!

Ken Locke is community

ministries director of The

Salvation Army in Warsaw and

director of the Greater Warsaw

Ministerial Association. Have

ideas for this column? Go to