Tenth Annual Bridge Tournament

Rick Helm and Jim Levandis led all sessions of the 10th annual bridge tournament Jan. 6-7 at Wyndham Garden, Warsaw.

Other participants included: second, Linda and Donn Baird; third, John and Janet Wagley; fourth, Pat and Lila O'Connell; fifth, Wayne and Betty Walston; sixth, Tom Anderson and Kathy Clary; and seventh, Joan Kizer and Bob Mayer. Sixteen partners participated in the event, including some from Ohio.

Pat O'Connell chaired the event for the second year, assisted by the Wagleys. Both days included a continental breakfast, lunch and two sessions of bridge.

To be added to the mailing list for next year’s tournament, email Janet Wagley at Down1wags@comcast.net.

Four Seasons Ladies Bridge

The group met Jan. 10 at the Great Wall.

Winners were Nanette Newland, Maxine Harris, Judy Stewart and Beth Huffer.

Wednesday Night Bridge Group

The group had six tables Jan. 10, with the following winners: Annette Magner, Joan Earhart, John Wagley, Jack Horney, Tom Anderson, John Stewart and Liz Frazzetta.  

Janet and John Wagley were hostess and host.

The next meeting is Jan 17.

Singles Meeting Friends

The group gathered Wednesday after missing two weeks because of frigid temperatures.

Betty announced she will be moving to Wabash at the end of January to be closer to her daughter. She is moving to Bickford of Wabash and plans to enjoy euchre and the meals cooked by two chefs, along with activities arranged by two event planners.

Norma has joined the group’s other snowbirds in Florida.

Grace Thursday Bridge

The group met Jan. 11 with Karyl Smith as hostess.

Winners were Wayne Walston, Betty Walston and Bob Mayer.