Warsaw High School Class Of 1953

The Warsaw High School Class Of 1953 met Monday in the Boathouse Restaurant, Winona Lake.

Those attending were Allen and Lynn Hartman, Larry and Coraethel Alspaugh McConnell, Chris Grow Fox, Janice Anglin Long, Alden and Thelma Smith Clark, Roger and Carol Conaway Stump, Jeanne White, Stan Stokes, Karl and Lois Clayton Lenaburg, and Kenneth Schaaf.

The next meeting will be at 11:30 a.m. Oct. 15, back at Richards Restaurant.

Warsaw High School Class Of 1954

The Warsaw High School Class of 1954 met recently for lunch at Richards Restaurant.

In attendance were Kent and Nancy Adams, Katherine Deerwester, Mary Lou LaSuer, Jerry and Connie Craig, Gary and Barb Miller, Barbara and Charlie Morehead, and Bob and Carolyn Wulliman.

The next lunch will be at noon Oct. 20 at Richards. All classmates and friends are invited to attend.