Daughters of the American Revolution members are pictured during their trip to Stockdale Cemetery, Stockdale.
Daughters of the American Revolution members are pictured during their trip to Stockdale Cemetery, Stockdale.
The monthly meeting of the Frances Slocum Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution took place on Tuesday at the Roann (Paw Paw Township) Public Library, Roann. Guests were Priscilla Burdge, Ellie Draper, Barbara Burdge, Mike Beauchamp, Rob Burgess and eight members.  

The meeting opened with the DAR ritual. Devotions centered on the fall harvest given by Tammy Wise, Chaplain.  The October President General's message from Denise Doring VanBuren was shared by Joyce Joy.  Denise invited members of the DAR Project Patriot Committee to wear RED on every Friday, to signify Remember Everyone Deployed.  It’s a simple way that we can show support – in this case, to the men and women in uniform who are serving in an all-volunteer army to protect the freedoms that we enjoy as citizens of these United States.         

The National Defender Report was on different Dates of Note in October.  The Indian Committee Minute report was given by Jennifer Rose.  Pat King gave the Conservation Minute on “You can help stop the spread of invasives.”  The Constitution Minute, shared by Willodean Tschantz, stated the Constitution was written before political parties were a player in American politics.  The Women’s Issue Minute was on the domestic violence signs that someone may be abused given by Tammy Wise.

The program was given by Dr. Barbara J. Burdge, professor of social work, Manchester University, on the life and history of Samuel Burdge; American Revolutionary War veteran buried in Wabash County, Paw Paw Township, Stockdale Cemetery.

The chapter held a memorial service at the Stockdale Cemetery for the 175th anniversary of Samuel Burdge’s death in 1844 before the meeting.  The American Flag and a wreath were placed in remembrance of his sacrifices.

The next meeting of the Frances Slocum Chapter will be on Nov. 12 at the Grandstaff-Hentgen Activity Room, Wabash.  Prospective members and guests are always welcome to attend.  DAR membership is open to any woman 18 years of age, who can prove lineal descent from a patriot of the American Revolution. Those having questions about their family history lineage information may contact www.dar.org or Linda Thompson at 260-563-4661 or Barbara Amiss at 260-982-4376.