Rita F. Anglin
Rita F. Anglin
ETNA GREEN – A second woman has thrown her hat into the ring for the Etna Township trustee vacancy.

Rita F. Anglin, Etna Green, filed for the position Monday. Deadline was 2 p.m.

Angela Flenar filed recently for the seat.

Gary Sponseller resigned from the trustee position, effective July 20, after almost 16 years. He and his wife plan to move out of the township. Sponseller was re-elected in November and his current term began Jan. 1.

An announcement of the winner will be made at 2 p.m. Thursday at the county clerk’s office.

Since fewer than two persons are eligible to participate in a precinct committeemen caucus to fill the vacancy, Kosciusko County Republican Party Central Committee Chair Mike Ragan will consult with Etna Township Republican Precinct Committeeman Steve Sechrist before announcing the appointment.

Candidates to replace Sponseller must be a resident of Etna Township, Kosciusko County; a Republican in good standing and must not have a felony in their history.

Rita F. Anglin is the wife of Tom Anglin, who served on the Kosciusko County Council for 41 years. His last term ended Dec. 31, 2018.

Asked why she decided to run for the trustee seat, Anglin said she’s worked and lived in the area since the 1970s.

“I’m familiar with the people here. I wanted to help my community and find out about the trustee job,” she said. “My husband encouraged me, and my friends. I’d just like to help.”

She’s never held an elected position before, but she thought it was something she should try.

“I am a Republican and I thought I should get involved,” Anglin said.

As for experiences that will help her in the trustee’s position, she said she worked at a hardware store and book work was required on a daily basis. In the 1980s she worked in the county auditor’s office with Jean Northenor.

“I thought it would be a good position for me to take over and learn,” she said. “I have the time and I’m at home.”

The Anglins are pretty close neighbors with Sponseller, she said. If chosen for the post, she said she will have to get with Sponseller and others to learn more about the job.

“I’m not afraid to try new things. I’m open to suggestions and eager to try something new,” she said.