SYRACUSE – At a public hearing Tuesday, the Wawasee School Board approved the 2019-20 teacher contract agreement between the Wawasee Community School Corp. and the Wawasee Community Educators Association

This was the third of three meetings held on the agreement after new state legislature requiring a three-step ratification process was passed this spring. No comments were received by the board at the hearing.

Under the terms of the agreement, teachers with greater than one year of experience, a bachelor’s degree and ratings of “effective” or “highly effective” will receive a $1,000 raise. Those with a master’s degrees and the same effectiveness ratings will receive a $1,300 raise.

Across the board, WCSC classified and administrative staff received a 2.5% pay increase. Additionally, WCSC bus driver mileage was increased.

As part of the agreement, teachers were given the option to opt out of the “emergency sick leave bank” within 20 days of signing their contracts. The bank allows teachers to share unused sick days with other teachers whose circumstances require them. According to the agreement, “the purpose of the bank is to assist teachers in financial problems (sic) caused by prolonged absence from work due to illness or injury.”

“Thanks for the hard work you (teachers) have put in toward this agreement,” said Jim Evans, WCSC director of finances. “Thank you for what you do in the classroom and on these projects.”