Eric M. Sasso was sentenced to 10 years in prison Monday for battering his pregnant girlfriend.

Sasso, 27, of 942 E. Sheridan St., Warsaw, was handed the sentence by Kosciusko Superior Court III Judge Joe Sutton, after Sasso attempted to withdraw his guilty plea.

Sasso’s level 5 battery on a pregnant woman conviction carried a habitual offender enhancement due to a level C felony conviction of intimidation with a deadly weapon, in 2014, and an attempted obstruction of justice conviction, a level 6 felony, in 2017.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Warsaw police responded July 1 to an unwanted person at a residence and spoke with a woman who said she was pregnant with Sasso’s child and that he knows she’s pregnant. The woman had multiple bruises on her face, upper right arm, left ear, temple area and her right cheek, court records state.

Kosciusko Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Joseph Sobek told Sutton that Sasso has violated the no contact order from jail by calling the victim 178 times. Sobek said the victim told police in September that she is afraid of Sasso and that he “beat her so badly she lost consciousness” by smashing her head repeatedly on the concrete.

Sobek also said Sasso has attempted to manipulate the victim into lying to law enforcement and lying to the court. Sobek also urged Sutton to enforce the no contact order during the sentencing, which he did.

Sasso’s attempt to withdraw his guilty plea was because he said he disagrees with the state’s charge that he brutally beat the victim.

Sutton told Sasso he may have buyer’s remorse with his plea deal, but there are no procedural defects and the agreement has already been accepted.

“I have two witnesses that seen her the following day, we went kayaking, we went swimming,” Sasso said, adding that if he brutally beat her, “Why would this woman be by my side?”

Sasso also asked the judge to dismiss the no contact order and said the victim herself doesn’t want it.

“The phone calls, I have no control in jail, she’ll pick up that phone, she puts money on my books,” Sasso said. “If you send me to prison, send me to prison, don’t destroy my family. I have my wife and my kids and my sister, that’s it,” he said, crying.

“I’ve made a great deal many mistakes in my life, but the one I have not was her,” Sasso told the judge.

Sutton gave Sasso 112 days of jail time credit, and told him that he will revisit the no contact order in 30 days.

“You have a history of battery,” Sutton said. “Let the dust settle.”