The Warsaw Community Public Library Board heard about a recent complaint made about a book in the library’s circulation during its meeting Monday.

Board Vice President Jill Beehler asked about a complaint that was made in regards to a book placed in the children’s section that dealt with transgender bathroom issues, titled “Jacob’s Room to Choose.”

She inquired about the complaint after reading about it in documentation provided to board members for the board meeting.

Director Ann Zydek said the proper form work was submitted by the person who complained and the library decided not to remove the book.

There is a form a person has to fill out for the library to look at removing a book, Zydek said. One of the requirements for the book to be considered for removal is the person has to have read the book.

Assistant Director Joni Brookins said what people complain about goes in cycles and most people do not go past complaining at the circulation desk once they find out the process of getting the book reviewed.

Zydek said after looking at a complaint, books that are complained about may be moved. Brookins said  a book has never been put behind the circulation desk because of a complaint made against it.

The board also approved the library’s internet acceptable use policy during its regular meeting after having a public hearing on it.

“The purpose of library-provided internet access is to facilitate communications in support of research and education,” according to documentation provided at the board meeting.

The library board must approve the policy every year.

Brookins also spoke about the 20 internet hotspots the library has acquired this year. She said some of the hot spots, roughly the size of a cell phone, were going missing.

“When we first got them, there were some people who just didn’t want to return them,” Brookins said. The library deactived the hotspots that were not returned and put the charge of replacing the device onto the account of the person who borrowed it.

“Since we’ve done that, people have gotten a lot better at returning them,” she said. “We’ve been weeding out the people who’ve been taking advantage of the system.”

President Christopher Merrill said people who don’t return the hotspots can’t go to a phone company and have them activated because the hotspots are still attached to the library’s account.

The board also approved the 2020 paid leave for eligible full-time and part-time employees.

According to documentation provided at the meeting, eligible staff will be paid holiday leave for Jan. 1, New Year’s Day; Jan. 20, Martin Luther King Day; Feb. 17, President’s Day; April 10, Good Friday; May 25, Memorial Day; July 3, for Independence Day; Sept. 7, Labor Day; Oct. 12, Columbus Day, Nov. 11, Veterans Day; Nov. 26 and 27, Thanksgiving holiday; and Dec. 24 and 25, Christmas holiday.

The library also will grant employees time off to plan and attend the funeral of immediate family members. According to documentation, employees are entitled to up to five consecutive days of bereavement leave for the death of a parent, child or spouse and up to three days for the death of an uncle, aunt, niece, nephew or cousin.

Part-time employees who do not receive benefits do not receive holiday pay or bereavement pay, according to documentation.