Titus Funeral Home will display blue lights this month in honor and support of law enforcement officers.

“We’re doing this to show our support of our local law enforcement, not only for the protection they provide us, but for all the things they do that don’t get the attention they deserve,” said Cory Benz, funeral director and owner of Titus.

Benz said Titus, along with funeral homes around the world, receive assistance from law enforcement every day in carrying out funeral services safely and with the dignity each family deserves.

“Coordinating efforts to get a funeral procession from the funeral home to the church safely and on time, then from the church to the cemetery, is no small task, and nobody does it better than our local law enforcement officers,” Benz said. “By providing a police escort, the safety of all vehicles in the procession, and for all those whom it encounters, is increased significantly. Their assistance allows us to serve our families the best we can and may often go unnoticed.”

“The display of lights comes as a response to recent events. With all the bad press our country’s law enforcement has received lately, Titus Funeral Home is showing our support by lighting up the funeral home with blue lights for the remainder of May, and we challenge the community to do the same. We encourage those who wish to participate with a front yard sign, a blue bow on the door, or a blue light, to do so in support of these selfless public servants.

“They deserve thanks for a job well done.”

In addition to the funeral home's display, Titus staff will be serving retired and active officers an appreciation luncheon at the funeral home from 11:30 to 1  p.m. Tuesday.

National Police Week begins Sunday.