Ten calves were killed and six more were injured when a pair of pit bull dogs attacked them Sunday morning.

According to a report filed with the Kosciusko County Sheriff's Department, around 8:30 a.m. Sunday, Dennis Boggs made a report about two dogs attacking Holstein calves in his parents' barn on CR 400S, Warsaw.
The calves were in a confinement feeding barn, and when Kathy Boggs went to feed the animals Sunday morning, she saw a dog in the barn. Kathy said she yelled at the dog, hoping to scare it away, but it came at her, growling and barking. Then she saw another dog in the barn, closed the door and went to the house for help.

Kathy and her husband, Dale, called their son, Dennis, and a neighbor, Ken Schue, for help.

According to a statement Schue gave to the Kosciusko County Sheriff's Department, "There were two vicious pit bull dogs in their calf barn and they have gone after (Dale's) wife Kathy."

Schue reportedly got out of his vehicle and a white pit bull came out of the barn and was barking and growling at him. Schue shot the dog, which ran back in the barn.

When Schue entered the barn, he reportedly saw blood spattered on calf feeder buckets as well as calves with blood all over their faces. He then saw two pit bulls barking, growling and snapping at him from about 50 feet away, and he shot the dogs.

Once police arrived, the dogs' owner, Sergio Juarez, Country Club Road, Warsaw, arrived at the scene.

Juarez told police, through his wife as an interpreter, that he took the dogs out of their cage around 11 p.m. Saturday. In a statement to police, he said he tied the brown dog to a leash, but did not tie the white dog to a leash because "it never runs out of the yard or house."

Juarez said that he thought the brown dog probably ran away and the white dog followed it. He also said he looked for the dogs all night but could not find them.

While out looking for the dogs again, Juarez said in the statement, he saw the police at the barn and stopped to see if they were there about something with his dogs.

Juarez was taken to see the dogs and he identified them as his.

The dogs killed 10 calves and "traumatized and bit six more," according to the loss report filed by Dennis Boggs. Loss was estimated at $10,000.