NORTH WEBSTER - The North Webster Town Council raised its rate for sewer service for the first time in seven years Tuesday night.

Town council president Jon Sroufe was absent from Tuesday night's meeting so members Lisa Strombeck and Tim Hine voted for the 15 percent increase which will add $4.80 to single residents bills.

The increase is proportional for business, commercial areas as well as recreational sites and hotels and motels.

It's the first increase for North Webster since 2003.

Two residents were on hand to take issue with the increase.

The town board cited rising operational costs and a dwindling surpulus in the town's budget as reasons for the increase.

One resident asked if the increase was to pay for somebody's wages being increased.

Hine said it wasn't to cover payroll but to keep the town's budget from dropping.

During the town's police report, it was noted that thefts in town have dropped.

For the month of November, of the 223 service calls only one theft was reported.

The council also approved a county-wide mitigation plan from the county's emergency management department.

The plan is intended to plan ahead for possible disasters and take care of issues like flooding.

The board set its end of year meeting to adopt its salary ordinance.

The meeting will be Dec. 29 at 3 p.m. at the town hall.