Warsaw natives Jerry and Theresa Price stand with a multi-fueled Chevy Corvette. Jerry and his race team will take the Corvette and a Toyota Hybrid around the world starting in April. One of the stops in the 65-day, 24,000-mile race will be in Warsaw. Photo provided
Warsaw natives Jerry and Theresa Price stand with a multi-fueled Chevy Corvette. Jerry and his race team will take the Corvette and a Toyota Hybrid around the world starting in April. One of the stops in the 65-day, 24,000-mile race will be in Warsaw. Photo provided
This April, teams will traverse the globe in the World Race 2011.

And several native Warsawans will be right in the middle of it.

Jerry Price, 51, grew up in Warsaw until eighth grade, at which point he moved with his family to Wisconsin.

At an early age he developed an interest in alternative fuels while he attended Madison Elementary and the former Warsaw Junior High School.

The interest came from his father, who was in that business and built AmeriGas and Empire Gas plants.

World Race 2011 is designed to recreate the 1908 New York to Paris Race.

It's also a showcase for alternative fuels.

Price is the head of Price Team Racing and not only serves as the team owner but lead driver and technician as well.

The 1908 race faced challenges like the fact that much of the country didn't have paved roads.

Price said that when the 1908 race came through Goshen, the cars drove on railroad tracks.

While paved roads are no longer an issue, the international leg of the trip provides some interesting moments.

Price got into the idea of the world race in 2007, he said. In 2008, he was preparing for a race, but a conflict in China caused all the racers to lose their visas.

"It's not easy. You're running into all different kinds of problems. You're dealing with different people from different countries," said Price.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the race's international leg will be in Russia when Team Price's vehicles will be running on 300 gallons of Smirnoff Vodka.

Smirnoff is serving as a sponsor for the race through the Safe House bar out of Milwaukee.

Though Price has only been involved for four years, the passion has developed at warp speed.

"It doesn't stop. I actually went from being a participant to being board of directors for the race. I have such a passion for protecting the history of this event," said Price.

One aspect of the race is having to answer questions about things that pop up along the route.

Richard Goshert will serve as Price's navigator.

Goshert is Price's father-in-law, and will help guide Price, the team owner and lead driver on the journey.

Warsaw resident Steve Parker, and Goshert's best friend, will also take part in the trip.

Goshert owns Crop Insurance Agency in Warsaw.

Price's wife, Theresa, was born in Rochester and grew up in Warsaw.

The upcoming 65-day, 24,000-mile race is capturing the imagination of not only its participants but the media as well.

ESPN will do feature story on the race. The New York Times will cover it as well.

In fact, a New York Times reporter will join Team Price as they travel through across the U.S.

Price has kept quite busy with the event. As a member of the board of directors he has done his share of interesting interviews.

Last week, the Green Bay Packer fan spent his Super Bowl Sunday doing an interview with one of Russia's largest newspapers then watching the big game.

The race starts April 14 but it's not a race where the winner is measured by speed.

The three-month trek will not only test those participating physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

"The hardest part is getting my wife to let me go," joked Price.

There will be two classes of competitors, the Schuster class and the Innovation class. Teams will be scored, with racers drawing a numbered chip from a bag to determine their starting time each day. Scoring will be done with a handicap, based on the vehicle vintage.

The Schuster class is designed for vehicles made before 1978 and is named after George Schuster, who won the 1908 race.

Price said that there will be vehicles from the 1920s in the race.

The innovation class is for hybrids and vehicles running on things like natural gas.

Price Team Racing will run a multi-fueled Chevrolet Corvette as well as a Toyota Hybrid.

It all kicks off in New York City April 14 with the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Times Square as the starting point.

After stops in places like Buffalo, N.Y; Sandusky, Ohio; and Detroit, Mich., the race will come to Warsaw April 17.

The vehicles will receive a police escort from Milford to Warsaw.

There also will be a car show at the Ramada parking lot.

While in Warsaw, there will be a banquet dinner for the drivers. After that the program "Bandits, Guns & Automobiles" will be presented at the Wagon Wheel Theatre. It is presented by Schuster's great-grandson Jeff Mahl.

Mahl takes on the personality of his great-grandfather and recreates the the time and excitement of that original race.

All the proceeds from Mahl's show will go back to the Wagon Wheel.

Mahl will also travel with Team Price for part of the race.

"Our biggest thing is we want to have a tremendous following. Being a Warsaw boy I wanted to get Warsaw involved," said Price.

After spending the night in Warsaw, the race will head down to Indianapolis.

April 26, the U.S. leg of the trip will end in San Francisco where the cars will be loaded onto a ship headed toward Beijing.

Once in China, the teams will drive through Asia and Europe, including Russia, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

The race will finish July 21 as cars finish at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Price said the 1908 race began the car craze.

"It's the race that started all races," said Price.

"Much like the 1908 race proved the automobile could travel around the world; the 2011 race will prove new technology will improve the human race," said Price.

To learn more about Price and his team, visit www.priceteamracing.com

For more information on the race, visit www.world-race.net