A Warsaw Police Department officer who recently resigned his lieutenant rank is being investigated by Indiana State Police.

The Times-Union confirmed this morning that former WPD Lt. Joe Stanley is being investigated in connection with a gun that was confiscated during a WPD investigation.
According to an official close to the situation, Stanley allegedly took a gun that was at the center of a stolen credit card case. The gun, purchased with a stolen credit card and confiscated by police, was never checked into police evidence. Stanley was under the impression the credit card company did not want the gun.

The gun was traded in at a local gun shop.

The confiscated gun was eventually purchased by an individual and later traded in at another gun shop in Warsaw.

At that point, the gun in question was purchased by WPD Chief Perry Hunter. After purchasing the gun, Hunter, a gun collector, noticed it was similar to one confiscated and possessed by the WPD.

After a check of the serial number, it was determined to be the same gun. At that point, the Indiana State Police were called to investigate.

Indiana State Police continues to decline comment on the situation and won't confirm or deny the investigation is ongoing.

Stanley and Tony Faucett resigned as lieutenants from WPD Wednesday.