Warsaw will begin its annual deer reduction effort on Sept. 15.

Council Monday approved plans for the city to establish eight nuisance zones that will be targeted by hunters using bows.

This year, the state granted the city a urban zone status, which expands the length of the hunting period, which will continue until Jan. 31.

Inside the eight nuisance zones are more detailed areas known as reduction zones.

“I’m predicting we’ll have almost 25 reduction zones on private property and we’ll probably have three or four public,” said City Councilman Jeff Grose, who helps coordinate the program each year.

This year’s nuisance zones include Hire Park, Rozella and Logan, Madison and Boggs, the northwest area, the northeast area, the east central area, Country Club as well as Springhill.

Warsaw is one of four major areas in northern Indiana with the deer reduction zones. Others include much of Fort Wayne, South Bend and Elkhart and a large swath of northwest Indiana south of Lake Michigan. There are nine other small zones in northern Indiana that run along portions of state and U.S. highways.

This marks the city’s 13th year in the program, Grose said.

A state map highlighting the zones can be found by Googling Indiana state deer reduction zones 2018.

Training for the volunteers was Tuesday.