CLAYPOOL - The Claypool Town Council Monday held their fourth public hearing to discuss the water-line grant.

The planning consultant, Bob Murphy from R.P. Murphy & Associates, explained the state has found problems with the last three applications. Each of the applications were revised and sent back before the board for approval.
Murphy said the total construction cost will now be $403,500. The town is requesting a grant in the amount of $400,000. The town will match $88,300, and they have decided to ask the Kosciusko Community Foundation for $10,000. That application was reviewed and signed.

Murphy is requesting photos from residents who have brown or dirty water. These pictures can be used as proof and can aid the town in getting the grant.

A petition by "Hoosiers for Democracy" was dropped off at the Claypool town building for those who are interested in signing. "Hoosiers for Democracy" is protesting the elimination of the some of the trustees in Indiana. There will be an in-depth meeting Dec. 28 at 4 p.m. at the Atwood Community building.

The town of Claypool is currently reviewing trash bids for 2009.

Stafford's Solid Waste Inc. offered a bid of $1,520 per month for a three-bag limit for 155 residences plus the cost of dumpsters within the city. Veolia Environmental Services offered $1,162.50 per month for a three-bag limit for 155 residents, or $1,472.14 for unlimited bags. Sweetheimer Trash Removal, who is the current waste service for the town of Claypool, offered $1,620 per month for three bags plus the cost of dumpsters.

The board discussed the bids and were unsure whether Veolia's offers included the cost of dumpsters for the city.

"It'd be nice if they all put apples and apples down," said Don Miller, town council board president.

The board decided to contact Veolia on the decision, and will not vote on a company until the information has been collected.

John Thompson appeared before the board to request them to turn on his water. Thompson is moving into a rental house on Clay Street this weekend, but the owner of the house has not paid the water bill.

The board denied the request, saying they could not grant the request as that would go against an ordinance.

Thompson will have to contact the owner or pay the bill himself in order to turn on the water.

Richard Monk asked the board to pay his sewage bill after a water leak nearly tripled the cost of his water bill. Because the leaked water did not go down the sewage drains, the board agreed to pay $312.74.

Another citizen previously asked the clerk to restrain from turning off her water on the 16th. The board said there was nothing that the town can do because they must follow the ordinance. The board members referred them to United Methodist Church, who now has a utility fund for those in need of assistance.

The board agreed to pay for another year of services from Multi-Township EMS and attorney Mike Reed.

There will be an administrative meeting Monday at 6 p.m.