A Milford man is facing four felony charges and one misdemeanor after he allegedly robbed a man at gunpoint.

Ociel Vallejo Jr., 32, of 12656 N. CR 250E, Milford, was arrested at 6:25 a.m. Sept. 26. He was charged with robbery with a deadly weapon, a level 3 felony; intimidation with a deadly weapon, a level 5 felony; possession of methamphetamine, a level 6 felony; battery, a level 6 felony; and theft, a class A misdemeanor.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Warsaw Police Department officer Sam Weaver responded to a battery at the Timeout Inn, Warsaw. Weaver saw a man walking away, who was later identified as Vallejo. Weaver also saw another man whose nose was bleeding.

The victim said he met Vallejo at the Timeout. The victim said he and Vallejo left the bar and went to his vehicle, where Vallejo wanted him to smoke methamphetamine. The victim refused, saying he didn’t smoke anything except marijuana.

The victim then told Weaver that Vallejo drew a semi-automatic handgun on him and demanded money, threatening to kill the victim.

Vallejo allegedly stole the victim’s wallet, phone and gold bracelet. The wallet contained a driver’s license, credit cards and $40.

Vallejo then ejected a bullet from the gun to prove it was real, according to the affidavit. When the gun was not pointed at him, the victim stated he escaped from the vehicle and ran into Timeout.

WPD obtained permission to search the victim’s vehicle, where they found a 9mm round.

Officers looked at the roof of the vehicle Vallejo was driving and found a phone, which the victim identified as his. Officers searched Vallejo and found a plastic bag that contained a crystal-like substance that field-tested as methamphetamine. They also found the keys to the victim’s vehicle.

While officers were dealing with the incident, a second man arrived and stated the vehicle Vallejo was driving belonged to him, and he had given Vallejo permission to use it.

He told police he went to bed. When he woke up, Vallejo was at his residence and asked to use the man’s phone. The second man went back to bed and when he again woke at his normal time, the vehicle was gone.

The second man said he found an empty handgun holster on his kitchen counter and a gold chain bracelet on his kitchen island. He thought that was odd since he keeps the 9mm handgun and holster under the driver’s side of the vehicle. The second man then went to Timeout to find his vehicle.

Police gained permission to search the vehicle, where they found the gun.

The second man also gave permission for police to search his residence, where they found a gold chain.

Vallejo was booked into the Kosciusko County Jail on a bond of $20,250.