Editor, Times-Union:
I would like to send thanks out to the Multi-Township EMS and the EMT's and firemen we know personally that showed up on scene to help me with Jan this past New Year’s Eve.
It’s always encouraging and heartening to see people we know there to help. Scott Kammerer, Mitch Rader, Derek Tenney, Tony Doyle and Mike Wilson. All the ER workers here at KCH and at Lutheran.
We gave it a valiant effort.
I would also like to thank all the boys down at McHatton-Sadler who really do a remarkable job of going out of the way to make things as easy and comfortable as possible.
Thanks to Rev. Mike Beasly, from Clunette United Methodist Church, for officiating and helping me sing along for Jan. Thanks to the Warsaw American Legion and Auxiliary Post 49 for the nice dinner afterward, Mike, Josie, Suzy and all.
Thanks to the girls at Maple Avenue Florist who do such a wonderful job with the flower arrangements. And Thanks to everyone who came or called: family, friends, all our buds from Biomet who came or sent flowers, donated food and whatnot.
Jan had a receiving line all the way out to the door. She would have liked that. Here's wishing all of you a Happy New Year. It's a new beginning.
Ted (and Jan) Carter
Leesburg, via email