Editor, Times-Union:
I recently left the employment of the Times-Union warehouse and wanted to take this opportunity to express a few thoughts about my experience while I was there.

The crew that the Times-Union employs there under the supervision of Merla Ousley can only be described as professional, with an eye for every detail. Their conduction of business there is truly one of enviable efficiency.

I have worked for several newspapers in the past few years and their shop is far and away the most impressive I’ve had the pleasure to work in. The Times-Union is very fortunate to have this exceptional group of people in their employment.

On a personal note, there are a few times in a person’s life that they feel as though they have been truly blessed. I consider myself just so blessed to have known and worked alongside each and everyone in this crew for the past year and a half. Coming from out of town, they never once made me feel unwelcome, in fact the opposite was true.
Their generosity and caring can only be described as unmatched in the newspaper industry.

To everyone in the warehouse, I would like say thank you for making the past year and a half a very memorable time for me. I not only consider you co-workers, but also very dear friends. God bless each and every one of you!

Kevin Boulware
Columbia City, via e-mail