Editor, Times-Union:
We would like to thank so many people for their support of the Graduation Coaching Program at Warsaw Community High School. Guidance Counselors Diane Quance and Rick Swaim, administrators Dave Anson and Troy Akers, and more teachers and support staff than we can mention were instrumental in the program’s success. Additionally, generous funding from many foundations and individuals made a real difference. We also appreciate the feedback, direction and support from KC-ED committee members.

The lives of 45 young people and their families have been forever changed. Our lives have been changed, too.

We are grateful for this opportunity; the experience was both challenging and rewarding professionally and personally.

We always stayed true to our mission to “promote graduation one relationship at a time.” We understood what that meant on June 10th when we proudly watched our seniors walk across the stage and receive their diplomas.

We challenged, we advocated, we laughed, we empathized, and we celebrated with our students.

This journey has been incredible; on behalf of our seniors and their families, we thank all those who helped them on the road to graduation and beyond.

We are privileged to have mentored these amazing young people and we are excited to see them continue this success in their future endeavors; the Class of 2011 will always be special to us. 

To all at WCHS and beyond who were necessary to our success: Your investment did make a real and lasting difference!
Amanda Scroggs, David Bailey and Steve Henn
WCHS Graduation Coaches