Editor, Times-Union:

On Friday, Jan. 22, I had a medical problem and fell in Meijer’s parking lot. A nice couple found me and had to get help to get me up. I never really saw their faces, but they stayed with me and called EMS.

Later on in the hospital, I noticed my hearing aids were missing, and while I was at Meijer’s, I bought groceries and had no idea where they were.

When I was released on Sunday, I found that while they waiting on the EMS the people who helped me had used my keys to find my car, unlocked it, put my groceries in it and relocked my car. They also found my hearing aids and put them in my pocket.

I do not have any idea who these people are (I think I heard one say he was a EMT) but I am very thankful they stopped to help an old man who had fallen on his face in a parking lot.

Thomas Sutton

Warsaw, via email