Dear Editor,

I am excited to say our efforts have paid off and I am officially the Republican nominee for Kosciusko County auditor! I am in a state of gratefulness, encouragement and optimism of what the future will hold for Kosciusko County residents.

I cannot thank everyone enough for all their hard work, support and efforts these past few months. I would like to really highlight my family, who I love dearly. To my husband Troy Helser, my children and my amazing grandchildren - you all mean the world to me and are a key reason I am so passionate to continue giving back to my community. I would like to thank all of my friends and volunteers as we could not have done this without you. Lastly, I would like to thank Chasity Sandy for the positive way she ran her campaign, and most of all the Republican voters of Kosciusko County for voting to have me represent them in the November general election.

The promises I made on the campaign trail like keeping up with the ever-changing state laws and legislation that affects all taxpayers, making sure that the Auditor’s office is fiscally responsible, being open and transparent and continuing to build relationships with county taxpayers so that we will always share a seat at the table statewide are my next steps.

As someone born and raised here in Kosciusko County, this opportunity means the world to me and I am excited to get to work for the taxpayers and serve people in our community. When I am elected in November to be your Kosciusko County auditor, I guarantee that the taxpayers will be first.

Rhonda J. Helser