Editor, Times-Union:
I cannot express enough appreciation for the Warsaw community this past weekend when my 15-year-old daughter, Veronica, went missing with her boyfriend in my stolen car.
Sincere thanks to the Kosciusko County Sheriff's team for their aggressive searching, communication, and care and concern during the search. Thank you WIOE oldies 98.3, Stacey Page Online, Times-Union and WNDU for the publicity and wishes. And thank you to my dear friends, and friends of friends, who helped look, pray and spread the word.
Warsaw has always been in my heart and always will be. I hate that I no longer live here to easily give back what you just gave to me, but I’m happy to do whatever I can – whenever you need me!
Sincere & warm thanks,
Carrie Brissette
Brookfield, Wis.