Editor, Times-Union:
The Atwood Lions Club wishes to thank each and every person who attended our January fish fry. This particular fish fry was a benefit fundraiser for a wonderful young man, Ryan Owens, and his family.
Ryan’s mother told us this is the third time he has fought the battle with cancer, each a different strain, since his first bout when he was 15. He is currently going through a very strong type of chemotherapy. Ryan, his wife Mary Lou, their two children and many family members were in attendance the whole evening, wanting to meet and thank as many people as possible for coming to the fish fry. And many of the people coming in asked if he was there because they wanted to meet him, wish him well and help. It was a wonderful evening with lots of hugs, laughs and some tears.
The generosity of the people in Kosciusko County is truly a blessing of God. We, the Lions Club, asked for food, as well, and when the evening was complete it took the trunks of five cars and a couple of vans to transport all the items to their home. There was a donation jar on the table as people came in and it was crammed full. Two of our Lions told of people coming to the building drive-thru area not to buy fish but just leave large donations. And because of the number of people in attendance, the Lions were able to give Ryan a generous profit from the fish fry.
We cannot begin to express to you the thanks from Ryan, Mary Lou and his family. They are over whelmed by your generosity and want to say “Thank You” too. The donations have helped immensely with their medical bills and the food items make the grocery shopping list much shorter.
This was the largest fish fry the Atwood club has ever held. We were so thrilled to watch the people come through the door and go through the drive-thru. So, we thank you, too. This community is truly the prime example of people who love one another and will do what is needed to help where they can. You’re special.
Thank You,
Clair Milleman, president
Atwood Lions Club and club members