Reduce, reuse, recycle! That is our mantra here at the Depot.
It has been the recycler’s creed since the 1970s. While it may seem a bit tired, it is still the tried-and-true method to keep our worldly resources sustainable. The first and most important action is reduce. Quite simply – use less.
If you don’t have it in the first place then it isn’t there to be disposed of. I like to say, just say no!
Reuse, takes an item and uses it again in the same or new way.
This item will be disposed of eventually but new resources are not needed immediately (think Goodwill).
Finally, recycling gives a new life to old material. At the Depot, we offer ways to incorporate the three R’s into our lifestyles. The following are a couple exciting collections happening this fall: a reuse shoe collection and a recycling bottle cap collection.
During November, we encourage the community to participate in a gently used shoe collection. The Depot has collected over 75,000 pounds, in 17 years, of shoes that have been distributed to people in need, here in the United States and overseas. Do you want to participate? It’s easy - open your closet, search for those shoes that don’t fit anymore and bring them to the Depot at 220 S. Union St., Warsaw. One requirement – shoes must be banded in pairs. It is a nightmare to try to match a single shoe with its partner. Just ask Jim, the HHW Coordinator, as his eyes glaze over searching for a lonely shoe’s missing mate.
Donated shoes may be dropped off anytime during November. If you would like to participate in this collection with a school, church or nonprofit group, we will even pay you a small stipend for the pounds of shoes brought in. Participating groups can schedule a pickup for large quantities of shoes. Take note – these shoes are for reuse, please do not bring nasty unwearable shoes. Yuk!
The second recycling opportunity that is taking over many area schools, is our school bench project. This collection will end in March. Schools are busy collecting all sorts of plastics caps; the only restriction is the caps must be all plastic (no metal liners or pumps). Kids are taking the caps to school, where student groups are sorting the caps (removing any contaminants) and an adult sponsor is delivering them to the Depot for storage.
In the spring, Metzger trucking will be transporting the caps to Greentree Plastics where the caps will miraculously turned into benches. This is the magic of recycling! The Depot will also accept caps from residents. These caps will be earmarked for area schools that may fall short of their goal.
If there are enough caps collected, we would love to donate another bench to the community. Last year, the Depot had enough “extra” caps to make a bench that is currently sitting on the front of the courthouse sidewalk (right by where the soldier statue was kissing his gal!)
Search your closets high and low for shoes and leave no plastic packaging cap in the garbage can! Whether you are collecting shoes or caps for recycling, it is exciting to be a part of turning something old into something new. Call us at the KC Recycling Depot 574-372-3072 if you have any questions on these programs.