In today’s golden age of technology, innovation is the match to the kindling of progress. Indiana is a state that works and understands the importance of reducing barriers to businesses. This is why another company has announced they are opening an Indiana location.
Owl Manor Medical LLC, which has offices in Louisiana and California, will open a 1,300-square-foot facility in Warsaw.
The community has grown into a juggernaut in the medical device industry and is revered as the Orthopedic Capital of the World. Known for its highly-skilled workforce, education partnerships and hard-working Hoosiers, Warsaw is the ideal landing place for companies like Owl Manor Medical.
The stifling economy, a result of the president’s debilitating policies, will soon be over and we will begin to see a bigger boom nationally. In Congress, we have fought for and successfully ensured the two-year delay on the stifling medical device excise tax. This tax was included in Obamacare mandating a 2.3 percent tariff on all exports of medical devices. The tariff forced the industry to make tough decisions that in the end hampered innovation and negatively impacted research and development. This win is good news for the industry which is reliant on the R&D component, as for employees and their families. Investments into human capital and innovation are able to thrive instead of facing cutbacks.
Indiana continues to be ahead of the national economic curve thanks to the work of former Governor Daniels and Governor Pence. The Hoosier State was recently ranked second in its “2015 Best States for Business & Careers-Regulatory Environment.” Hoosiers continue to exemplify the policies that work and the direction our country should be moving toward. My colleagues and I are fighting for lower taxes and the simplification of the tax code which will aid in keeping our American businesses producing and manufacturing their goods here at home.
Innovation requires a skilled workforce. The relationship between companies and the local trade schools, professional schools is paramount. While this is already in practice in Warsaw, it must be a top priority for the nation. It comes to no surprise that our community and state are leading the way.