Editor, Times-Union:
Now, that the ‘decision on same-sex marriage’ on June 30, 2015, has been ‘decided for the people’ by the ‘perverted justices of the Supreme Court of the land,’ we must ‘consider the consequences.’ The ‘so called decision’ opens the door wide for polygamy, sodomy, and bestiality to be tolerated also and the diseases that go along with it. Whatever happened to state rights, religious rights, and freedom of speech? What about the first and second amendments of the Constitution?
Wake up, people. Wake up all you churchgoers. Ronald Reagan, the last president elected by the people, used to say that the ‘government’ is not ‘the solution,’ instead. it is ‘the problem.’ This should be obvious now, and it is true no matter who you vote democrat or republican.
I, along with many students, was taught and believe the pre-tribulation rapture, along with much other psychology by an institution called Grace Theological Seminary. The whole idea is a contrived false teaching, a ‘theological assumption; in Hermeneutics we were taught to read and study the Bible with an ‘open mind’ ‘no assumptions,’ confirming Scripture with Scripture.
My wife and I ended up in the United Methodist Church; we volunteered and were assigned to take communion to the shut-ins. This was a “divine appointment’ we were assigned to take communion to a retired pastor of the Church of the Brethren. One of the passages that we were assigned to read was John 6, ‘The Bread of Life Discourse.’ In this chapter are four verses that I struggled with: see verses 39, 40, 44 and 54. All four verses have a common theme: ‘All who come to me shall come to me and I will give unto them eternal life and I will raise them up on the last day.’ The Apostle Paul said 2 Thess. 4:16 “The dead in Christ shall rise first when we which are alive and remain shall be caught up and meet him in the air.” I do not know what position it is, but the rapture and the last day are after the Resurrection. Christians in the Church and all you other saints, Scripture is right and it is the Truth, you cannot have it both ways. The ‘last day’ is the ‘last day.’
The message of the Bible and Revelation is the same; it is Universal for all believers, Jew and Gentile alike. The message of Revelation is three fold: ‘Worship God, the Creator and the Savior of the World, Jesus Christ, there is no other’, ‘Do not take ‘The Mark of the Beast,’ and Get out of Babylon’ Yes, United States, Ireland, and Greece and Babylon, we must get out of them and go to a pro-life state, Guatemala is one of the few left. Israel, the Church (little Israel), and the people of the United States of America have asked for a king and now we have a very evil one.  Barack Obama has the Spirit of the Antichrist and he is Lawless, all hell is breaking loose, we have forgotten God, just like Israel of Old; ‘God is Love,’ but, ‘Love is not God,’ and he sent his son, Jesus Christ, to show us what love is, and what Love is all about, and we must ‘consider the consequences’ of not obeying the Scriptures.
We are in a Constitution Crisis and we will not break Newtons Law of Gravity and Go up in a pre-tribulation rapture. Isarel did not defy gravity and in the ‘last days’ they will be called ‘Sodom and Egypt’ and after that they went into Persecution, Sword, The Holocaust and slavery and so will we.
When ‘wrong becomes right’ we will suffer the consequences and see all the other perversions come to pass, and then will come “Judgement of God’ you must stay true to God and repent. These are the ‘last days’ before Jesus returns to claim his people for his own. Will you be one of them?
Jon Siesennop