If it were up to you, how would you repurpose the former Little Crow building?
 Would you keep it a factory, change it into apartments, or turn it into some shops?  Would you get really creative and turn it into a microbrewery with a restaurant?  Or just tear it down and put up a parking lot?  How about the old Gatke property?
Do you think that building should be renovated or torn down?  Would it make a great location for a banquet hall or would a blend of shops and cafes revitalize that location along the bike and pedestrian trail near the new Krebs Trailhead Park?
You’re probably saying that those ideas are ridiculous and that you have a much more creative vision of improving those two old buildings.
Well that is exactly what the city wants you to say!  In fact, on June 20, 21, and 22, City Hall will turn into a satellite Ball State campus, as the students from the School of Architecture and Planning will facilitate our community visioning workshop “IMAGINE WARSAW”.  
Stop in and tell them exactly how you feel, what your vision is, and anything else you want to add!  The city and the Warsaw/Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce will sponsor the workshop.
As a Community Based Project (CBP) Program, Professor Scott Truex will accompany his students as they dialogue with the citizens of Warsaw.  They have done over 200 CBP’s in Indiana communities since 1969, providing design-based ideas and recommendations in a “think tank” type of environment, addressing revitalization needs and improved livability.
It goes like this.  They visit the community and acclimate themselves with the study area.  In this case, the focus is on the downtown and the area east of downtown “between the lakes”.
Special consideration is being given to transportation changes, underutilized areas, and expansion of downtown housing. They will interview as many people and organizations as they can in a three day period (that’s where you all come in).  They then go back to Muncie and use their creativity, “outsider” perspective, and experience from other similar communities and spend a month brainstorming, drawing, and creating.  
In July, they come back to Warsaw and present their visions in the form of renderings and narratives that offer multiple options for community approval.  
So then what happens?  Partners begin to develop interest in specific “visions”. Collaborations evolve.  Ideas are hatched. Funding sources and investors align with viable ideas.   Plans are refined and projects are born.
How do you get involved?  First go to www.imaginewarsaw.org.   At this website, please fill out the online survey. Then navigate the site to learn more about the projects.  The website will develop and offer more information as the process plays out.  The Facebook page “Imagine Warsaw” is also a great way to participate and be heard.
Finally, either individually or as a group, participate in the workshop being held at City Hall on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday June 20 through 22.  You can either schedule a time with a team member by contacting kellie.malcolm@gmail.com or if you happen to be in the neighborhood, just drop in City Hall to share your vision.  
In addition, we especially need the perspective of our high school students and young adults.
This will be very important.  IMAGINE WARSAW!